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osteopath and chiropractorOsteopathic Healthcare in Warwickshire

Osteopathy is an alternative medical, manual therapy that uses a variety of techniques to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems.
Treatment by an Osteopath utilises biomechanical theory and physical techniques to detect the current primary issue and any previous problems that have contributed toward the presenting problems. When diagnosing, the entire body is assessed and taken into account as it is common place for several problem areas to amount into the presenting complaint.

It is possible for an Osteopath to address physical problems that are both long standing and recently occurring, however as with all manual therapies, for maximum effectiveness, the sooner a problem is addressed by an Osteopath then the better the overall outcome will be.

The physical problems that osteopathy can help with are quite numerous and thanks to a variety of techniques it is possible to cater to a range of ages and people, allowing treatment from newborn to old age and everything in between. Contact James now for an initial consultation.

What Areas Does an Osteopath Treat?

✔ Mid/Low back pain
✔ Neck pain
✔ Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Pain
✔ Hip/Knee/Ankle Pain
✔ Back pain during pregnancy
✔ Associated symptoms of Intervertebral disk injury

If you need an Osteopath in Alcester, Stratford-upon-Avon, Redditch or Evesham then contact James today.

My Process

Your first visit will consist of an initial consultation, during which I will ask detailed questions about the presenting complaint and your complete current and past medical history. This is to ensure maximum accuracy when diagnosing the current problem and take into account any issues from the past that have contributed.
Next there is a full physical assessment to check mobility and screen out any serious issues. The session is then concluded with a detailed explanation of what is going on and a treatment plan to start things off.
Follow up sessions are mostly treatment that include an assessment to check any improvement and a brief summary of your progression.

Your Treatment

The number of treatments you require is entirely dependent on what is causing the presenting issue. This can vary from person to person and so any treatment is tailored especially for you and is designed to require the minimum of sessions.
You will be continually assessed to monitor progress and as things improve the gap between sessions may increase toward the final one. However should improvements not appear quickly, I will recommend what options there are for you going foward.
Should a problem occur that I am unable to treat, I will recommend onward referral to the appropriate medical practitioner. Even if you are referred I still offer support should you have any questions about your future treatment.

About James Arnold

I qualified from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in 2012 obtaining a masters degree in osteopathy and immediately set up my own practice as an Osteopath in Alcester. As well as operating within a clinical environment I lecture at the ESO in Kent teaching students osteopathic fundamentals and advanced osteopathic techniques. This gives me access to the latest research, osteopathic techniques and clinical reasoning that I employ for my clients. I strive to provide good value, quality healthcare that improves quality of life.
Contact James now for an initial consultation.

Important Note: For maximum effectiveness, during a treatment session you will be required to undress to underwear. If you are uncomfortable with this, then shorts and a top will be acceptable.


I have recently completed a course of treatment with James and found him to be professional, punctual and very informative throughout. He helped me with my muscle pain issues and the results have been absolutely brilliant. I would definitely use his services again if I needed to.

Miss J H Smith


James has managed to treat not only my back and neck pain, but many other aches and pains which I have suffered from for years. He was professional, efficient and had a very agreeable manner. Most of all he actually listened to my issues, often researching other possible solutions to present to me on my next visit.

Mr B McDonnell

Location and Prices

31a High Street Alcester Warwickshire B49 5AF. FREE parking available in Bulls Head Yard or Waitrose car park.
Initial consultation - £45.00
Continuing session - £45.00
Payments in cash or card.

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